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View Sydney Roosters rugby shirt from 1980 to 1982

Sydney Roosters
1980 to 1982

View Castleford Tigers rugby shirt from 1981

Castleford Tigers

View Penrith Panthers rugby shirt from 1980 to 1984

Penrith Panthers
1980 to 1984

View Western Suburbs rugby shirt from 1976

Western Suburbs

View Souths Graceville RLFC rugby shirt from 1972

Souths Graceville RLFC

A Photographic History of Rugby Shirts.

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We launched www.oldrugbyshirts.com in June 2009 following on from the success of www.oldfootballshirts.com. We're creating the ultimate history of Rugby Shirts (Jerseys) using photos of fans shirts from Rugby Union teams and Rugby League teams from around the world. We've been buying them for years, now it's time to record them for everyone to see. Fans have so far added 4,886 shirts covering 813 rugby teams from all over the world!

TOFFs retro rugby jerseys

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Top 5 Teams Viewed
1 England
2 South Africa
3 Ireland
4 Scotland
5 Wales

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Top 5 Shirts Viewed
1 England 2003
2 South Africa 1992
3 England 2003
4 South Africa 1965
5 South Africa 1992

Based on viewings in the last 7 days

TOFFs retro rugby jerseys

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